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Case StudyChrysler

Chrysler is one of the “Big Three” American automobile manufacturers that was founded in the 1920s. The iconic brand name comes with a ton of history, value, and American pride. They needed a leading-edge and creative team to help them convey their heartfelt brand message via all things digital, while still doing what they needed to do - sell cars.


We worked with Sapient Nitro to conceptualize, design and creative directed several successful projects in the Chrysler digital space, including a chrysler.com redesign, a revolutionary brand awareness campaign for the 200 (Detroit America), online advertising campaigns, digital partnership campaigns (such as John Varvatos and Carhartt), and several photo shoots. We were able to push them out of their comfort zone of simply doing what needs to be done online to reach their profit goals. The strategy implemented was able to connect, foster, and grow relationships between them and their customers. We educated them on the importance of showcasing their devotion to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation throughout time. This was accomplished via new and interesting ways to highlight these industry differentiators.

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  • Collaborative Vision & Planning

  • Brand Strategy

  • Digital Platform Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Campaign Innovation

  • Social Strategy

  • User Experience/User Interface Design

  • Responsive Websites

  • Microsites

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Product Design

  • Digital Brand Guidelines

  • Prototyping

  • Concept Usertesting

  • Consumer Research

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Heuristic Evaluation

  • Illustrations

  • Hand-drawn Typography

  • Infographics

  • Brand Tone and Voice Copy

  • Prototypes

  • High Fidelity Wireframes

  • Detailed Design Comps

  • Digital Style Guides


Prior to us beginning the redesign, they were focused almost purely on selling their product by showing it on beautiful table settings. We educated them on the importance in how the products are made…the sweat, grit, and generations of experience that goes into making something so perfect and refined by hand. We worked on product photography styles and video creation to help bring the story to life visually.

Videos, old photography, and actual product sketches were integrated through the site to reinforce the personality, history and art the brand stands for in a very personal, engaging way.


They came to us with the specific challenge to create a landing page to sell the Chrysler 200. Instead of creating a single landing page (which would have no long lasting effect on the sales of this car), the entire campaign, Detroit America, was created. It was built around the concept of the Chrysler 200 being a car for the entrepreneurs of Detroit. The people working hard trying to rebuild their magnificent city.

We were able to influence key stakeholders on the importance of re-establishing Chrysler’s connection to it’s root, it’s home - Detroit.


One of the partnerships we on during the full site redesign was John Varvatos. The layout and style of this page was using the same modular template as the rest of the new pages, but unique touches were added to highlight the exclusivity of his designs.

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